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Audit services — general information

Nowadays more and more companies require not only the competent organization of the accounting and taxation, but also its constant control as even the most qualified accountant or manager can be mistaken, and these errors can cause the enormous losses and damages. Audit helps to avoid many troubles.

Rendering of the audit services covers both activity: performance of the audit itself and rendering of services accompanying audit.

The audit is the audit check of the accounting (financial) reporting with a view of expression of opinion on reliability of such reporting. And, in spite of the fact that a main objective of audit performance is formation of opinion on reliability of the financial reporting in all material aspects, actually audit is the help for the enterprise in solving of actual problems of keeping the accounting and tax registers and base for the administrative decision making.

Rendering of the audit services may be performed in the form of accompanying audit of the financial reporting of services which concern, in particular, so-called tax audit, audit under the special task, survey audit checks etc.

Audit report

Our company carries out the audit of the accounting (financial) reporting made under Russian, and the international standards of the financial (accounting) reporting (RAS and IAS). Audit activity has been conducted since 1990.

The main document which the enterprise gets as a result of the audit check is an Audit report. Presence of an Audit report as a part of the annual accounting reporting is obligatory for a considerable part of the enterprises.

At the same time it is necessary to understand that value of an Audit report first of all, is in possibility to present it not only to the State Authorities, but also to any third parties, as the document confirming a financial position of the company.

The credit institution or the investor before to finance business or the company, should be convinced of a potential reflexivity and profitableness of the investments. In this sense, the unconditional Audit report is that minimum level of a guarantee of that the financial reporting authentically reflects a financial and economic position of the company, and, hence, any investor can plan the process of investments, leaning against the given document. Audit of the financial reporting — one of the services, rendered by INSEI.

The Audit report consistence is rigidly regulated by federal standards. Thus any enterprise is interested not only in ascertaining of opinion on reliability of the financial reporting, but also in the detailed analysis of the revealed errors.

By results of audit in addition to an Audit report our company will give you the Written Information, in which we:

  • we will analyze the revealed errors in details;
  • we will state recommendations on their elimination;
  • we will help to prove the questionable issues;
  • we will analyze possible risks.

Audit services — the advantages

Why auditor checks (the general audit) are necessary:

  1. Audit check allows to reveal single and system errors in the accounting system and the enterprise reporting.
  2. Audit of the enterprises gives the information to owners of business on the objective picture of its financial condition and level of financial risks.
  3. Performing of the audit is a base for rendering of other services, related to audit as it decreases the labor input.
  4. Attraction of the independent auditor can resolve the conflict situation between proprietors of business.
  5. Attraction of auditors for rendering the audit services may help to determine the objective price for the business on sale.
  6. In case of management change in the company, the audit of the enterprise will allow to reveal infringements of the former management.


INSEI LLC has been rendering auditor services from the beginning of 90th years and has a wide experience of audit carrying out and the resolving of difficult non-standard problems.

Our company renders a wide spectrum of auditor services:

  • Audit of the enterprises under RAS(the general audit);
  • Audit of firms under IFRS;
  • Rendering of services accompanying the audit;

At rendering of audit services, the experts of INSEI LLC are strictly guided by the current legislation in the field of audit, federal and international standards of auditor activity.

INSEI LLC— audit activity since 1990.

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