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Corporate governance

You would like to find answers to the questions which are put by constantly changing external and internal environment:

  • How to estimate the future financial condition of the company?
  • If the existing and involved financial resources will be used?
  • How to estimate influence of the risks inherent in your business?
  • Does your company react to external influences?
  • How to minimize the negative influence of factors on the project parameters?
  • Does the influence of factors vary during the certain time period ?
  • How to decrease the negative influence of the external and internal environment on the project?
  • How to secure the business against the negative influences?
  • How to put in order the company’s activity?
  • How to raise reliability of the financial and administrative accounting?

The implementation of the modern methods of a corporate governance will help you to solve these problems.

Experts of the Department of financial and administrative consulting INSEI LLC develop and assist in practical realization of the modern highly effective complex decisions directed to achievement of the strategic targets, previously set up.

Rich long-term practical experience and wide spectrum of our competence allow us to provide high quality services.

The Department of financial and administrative consulting INSEI LLC renders services, related to the corporate governance in following directions:

Financial modelling

Financial modelling represents the tool, allowing to carry out the forecast analysis of a great number of the situations connected with strategic decision making, in the conditions of various variants of influence of the external and internal environment.

The urgency of financial modelling especially increases in conditions of cost increasing and reduction of availability of extra resources for the companies, decrease in financial stability and liquidity of business.

Financial modelling is a possibility to glance in the future of your company.

Risk management

The risk — is the uncertain event or condition, which, in case if it occurs, can influence the project purposes positively or negatively.

Risk management of the project includes the processes providing identification, the analysis of risks, working out of the responses to the negative influences and its control during the project life cycle.

The purposes of risk management of the project are the increase in probability and influence of positive events and reduction of probability and influence of negative events on the project tasks.

Minimization of the risk influence

Minimization of the risk influence assumes development and realization of the plan of measures, directed to decrease in probability of the potential risks, and to liquidation of the consequences of already occurred negative influences of risks.

Minimization of the risk influence is an optimum way to make the well-founded administrative decisions, related to all aspects of the project realization.

To minimize this risk — means to raise efficiency of the project realization.

System of the internal control

The internal control is a set of actions of management of the company, directed to planning, the organization and monitoring of the company’s activity, as a whole, and its separate divisions.

The internal control is a control from «inside», directed to achievement of the targets.

The internal control represents a system of measures, arranged and carried out by the management and other personnel of the company for the purpose of the most effective performance.

Experts of the Department of financial and administrative consulting INSEI LLC are guided by following basic principles:

  • taking into account of therequirements and wishes of the client;
  • usage of the best resources;
  • cooperation with the client;
  • trustworthy information sources;
  • confidentiality observance.

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