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Preconditions of using the international standards of the financial reporting (МСФО)

The international standards of the financial reporting are the most developed and progressive registration standards in the world. In many countries the international standards of the financial reporting are accepted to a basis of national standards.

Nowadays in Russian Federation the tendency on rapprochement of the Russian rules of book keeping with the international standards is also observed, at the same time, still there are basic distinctions. Thus, besides the reporting under the Russian rules of book keeping many Russian companies make the financial reporting according to the international standards of the financial reporting (IFRS). First of all, it concerns the companies which securities are quoted at the European or American stock exchanges, and also to firms, where among founders or partners there are foreign organizations or physical persons.

The Russian companies, as a rule, are interested in the financial reporting under IFRS for following reasons:

  1. Possibilities of getting the long-term credits;
  2. Depreciation of the involved capital;
  3. Providing the proprietors with the qualitative information for investment decision making;
  4. Providing management of the company with the qualitative information for administrative decision making
  5. Dialogue with foreign partner, using the «clear» language.

INSEI LLC has a wide experience of rendering of services, related to the international standards. Our experts have the necessary theoretical knowledge confirmed by the certificates АССА, and also the significant practical experience in area of IFRS.

Experts of INSEI LLC will consider all nuances and the features depending on the purposes of preparation of the reporting under the international standards: public placing of shares of company in the international market, attraction of credits and investments, release of bonds and others.

Services, related to IFRS

Our company renders following types of service, related to IFRS:

  1. Audit, according to the international standards of audit (МСА), of the financial reporting of the enterprises prepared according to IFRS;
  2. Carrying out of the coordinated procedures concerning the financial reporting made according to IFRS;
  3. Drawing up of the consolidated financial reporting of the group of companies according to IFRS;
  4. Transformation of the financial reporting, made under RAS in the financial reporting corresponding to IFRS;
  5. Working out of methodological bases of the parallel book keeping for RAS and IAS registers, using the ERP systems;
  6. Rendering the consulting services, related to IFRS;

INSEI LLC— the financial reporting under IFRS, meeting the actual requirements under reasonable terms.

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