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Tax consulting

Tax consulting — the general concept

Traditionally tax consulting (tax consultation) is understood as a complex of the services which purpose is to help the tax bearer to fulfill properly tax duties and to optimize the taxation.

Tax consultation means not only the decision of the arisen problem in the field of the taxation, but also creation of conditions for the prevention of risks in the future for what the alternative variants with the description of prospective consequences are developed.

High dynamics and constant complication of tax laws and tax system provide high level of an urgency of consultations on the taxation. Planning the transaction or the project, the company should estimate all possible tax risks that were arisen by tax consultation.

Tax consulting — necessity of rendering

Consultations on taxes will help you:

  • to solve the complicated questions, related to taxation;
  • to check up the tax «cleanliness» of the transaction or the project;
  • to develop short-term and long-term, strategic and tactical decisions in the field of tax planning;
  • to settle tax dispute;
  • to get alternative independent opinion concerning the tax law, the tax registers and the reporting.

In general, consultations on taxes urged to ensure the achievement of high level of financial safety of the company.

Tax consulting — rendering order

Depending on requirements of the client we offer various forms of tax consultation:

  • Consultations on the taxation at fulfillment of difficult transactions or a complex of the interconnected transactions;
  • Tax consultation on complicated questions of the tax law and the accounting (the taxation at realization of various kinds of business activity, the transaction with participation of non-residents, the taxation at application of various tax modes etc.);
  • Consultation concerning drawing up of the tax reporting;
  • Tax planning and management of tax risks;
  • Getting of the independent expert judgement;
  • Settlement of tax disputes.

Consultations on the taxation in the form of the seminars organized by our company. Seminars are spent quarterly with participation of executives and leading experts of the Ministry of Finance and Tax Inspection of the Russian Federation and devoted to the major changes in book keeping and the taxation.

From the beginning of 90th years our company renders services in tax consulting for companies and private persons. We guarantee high professional level of our services, and are ready to act on the side of the customer at settlement of tax disputes. INSEI LLC— tax consultations.

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