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Our projects

Our company has considerable experience in developing and implementing unique projects for Russia, including the holding structures and large companies. Some of them are listed below:

By order of the Federal Tax Service LLC INSEI «together with SPbSUEF performed the following work:

  • Development of proposals for law reform to improve the efficiency of tax control in the field of transfer pricing;
  • Development of a system of indicators and data collection to analyze the impact of changes in tax
  • legislation to enhance business;
  • Legal regulation of small businesses in Russia and the assessment of changes in tax legislation affecting the activities of small businesses.

By order of the Ministry of Finance:

  • Development of regulatory documents and a system of measures to improve the financial situation and quality of budget management and property of the RF subjects and municipalities.

By order of the Committee for Economic Development Industrial Policy and Trade of St. Petersburg

  • Development of methodology for the formation of tariffs for paid services provided by government agencies St.Petersburg.
  • Development of methodology for calculation of forecast indices of deflators in the construction

By order of the Committee on City Property Management of St. Petersburg

  • Comprehensive testing of financial and economic activities of large public and private organizations and analysis of their effectiveness.

INSEI LLC as an independent expert:

  • The validity of a deposit agreement with the organization of civil-legal point of view and in terms of economic feasibility. Effects of the exercise by the Company a deposit agreement.
  • The analysis of economic and industrial necessity of concluding loan agreements, as well as their actual use for several years.
  • Legal and financial analysis of transactions involving the withdrawal of assets for economic feasibility and industrial interests of the company.
  • Analysis of accounts receivable and accounts payable in order to confirm its authenticity and the reality of action (the payment).

By the order of business organizations:

  • Pre-investment study of business (Due diligence)
  • Agreed procedures for the purpose of investment for online retailers.
  • Agreed procedures to merge in the field of integrated communication solutions.
  • Agreed procedures for the purpose of investing in heavy engineering.
  • Implementation of agreed procedures for construction of the holding.

Projects on management consulting

  • Projects to express diagnosis of the existing management structure of the company.
  • Evaluation of existing organizational structure, management structure and financial flows of the holding, the formation of proposals to change it to more effective management.
  • Development of control system by creating a holding management company.
  • Diagnosis of internal control to prevent the unauthorized access to electronic systems in carrying out calculations.
  • Building management system a priority business process manufacturing companies.
  • Development of an optimal system of remuneration and workflow for online retailers.
  • Harmonization of management, accounting and tax calculation based on the established economic model of food production.
  • Construction of a unified system of accounting and tax records for management purposes, the holding company, including sales, repair and maintenance of vehicles.
  • Construction of the optimal structure of the business processes of an organization for the purposes of management accounting and reporting under IFRS. As part of this work has been improved enterprise’s organizational structure, workflow system and developed internal regulations of regulatory documents, including accounting. Development of methodology for pricing in the field of engineering


Audit of financial statements as individual organizations, and holding structures, working in the following areas:

  • Manufacturing, including: production of special equipment for air defense, production of arms and ammunition, artillery systems and other defense production, production of television and radio broadcasting equipment manufacturing, maintenance and repair of military equipment, production of on-ground radars detecting low-flying targets, ship building, production components for ventilation systems, production of concrete products, production of electrical goods, production of baked clay, processing ferrous and nonferrous metals, production of wine; research, development and manufacture of military products, rocket and space and civilian use, the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Trade, including: wholesale trade of petroleum products; retail trade of petroleum products, retail trade of motor vehicles and spare parts, service repairs and maintenance, wholesale trade of metal, wholesale of tobacco raw materials, retail sales in duty free shops, Wholesale of electrical household appliances, retail building materials; wholesale tubes; wholesale jewelry.
  • Construction, including serving as an investor, customer, developer, contractor. The construction of residential houses, industrial premises, shopping complexes, production of construction operations, construction of the seaport.
  • The works, including: design and installation works in the field of communications; electrical work, repair and maintenance of production equipment.
  • Services, including: design services, freight forwarding services, activities of the cargo railway transport, property management, consulting, appraisal services, outsourcing, on-site catering (catering); inzhinirigovye services, communication services, agency activity.
  • Auditing and preparation of audit opinion on the interim financial statements for issuance of securities.


  • Transformation of accountability, formed by Russian standards in reporting, formed in accordance with IFRS.
  • Preparation of consolidated financial statements of a large holding corporation in accordance with IFRS.
  • Audit of financial statements prepared in accordance with IFRS.
  • Conduct audit procedures in respect of complex transactions and certain financial indicators.

Projects to develop business plans, feasibility studies and other similar documents.

  • Participation in the development of business plans for economic evaluation of the trends:
    • Kuzbass — Far East transport hub (including BAM);
    • Kuzbass — the Azov-Black Sea transport knot;
    • Kuzbass — North-West.
  • Development of business plans for the creation and development subsidiaries of JSC «RZD», including OAO Transcontainer and OAO Zheldorremmash.
  • Business-plan transfer of objects of railway infrastructure from the station of Saint-Petersburg — Warsaw and Territorial Development Izmailovskaya prospects.
  • Business Development Plan multi-transshipment complex «South-2» in the Maritime Commercial Port of Ust-Luga.
  • Business-plan organization of high-speed passenger service on the direction of Moscow — Nizhny Novgorod, and participation in the feasibility study high-speed railway line Moscow — St. Petersburg
  • Conducting feasibility study on the application of GLONASS / GPS / GALILEO for railway transport.

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