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Business reorganization

Development of your company in the conditions of rapidly changing situation on the market puts the new questions:

  • How to build up a working control system of economic and the finance of your company?
  • How to make company business «transparent» for management and shareholders?
  • How to build the position on the market in relation to competitors?
  • How to achieve the internal coordination within whole company?
  • How not to lose controllability of the company?
  • How to optimize strategy of development and organizational structure?
  • How to react to changes of the market conditions?

If you faced such the questions —think of reorganization of business. Business reorganization — an integral part of development of the company.

Business reorganization will allow your company to refuse from old methods of business dealing and to turn to the modern, contemporary structure.

Experts of the Department of financial and administrative consulting INSEI LLC will develop and assist in practical realization of the modern highly effective complex decisions directed to achievement by the companies-customers of the strategic targets previously set up.

Rich long-term practical experience and wide spectrum of our competence allow us to provide high quality services.

The department of financial and administrative consulting INSEI LLC renders services, related to business reorganization in following directions:

Control system improvement

The control system of economic and the company’s finance represents a set of the links exercising that manage the economic and financial activity of the company, and communications between them.

Carrying out of a complex of actions for improving of a control system over the economy and the company finance will allow you to get the necessary practical tools of working out and optimization of systems of financial planning and budgeting, the administrative accounts, capital management.

On modern market conditions success of the company directly depends on efficient control over its economy and the finance.

Corporate strategy

Corporate strategy represents a complex of decisions and the actions which purpose is creation of steady competitive advantages of the company.

Corporate strategy is a way thanks to which the company creates economic value, forms and co-ordinates the actions on the market.

Working out of corporate strategy will allow to define an effective way of maximization of economic value of the company.

Re-structuring of holdings

Creation and re-structuring of holdings is reaction to becoming more and more tougher conditions of the external and internal environment.

Carrying out of re-structuring of holding, first of all, is directed to definition of priority perspective business directions and concentration of available management of resources potential on it.

Organizational structure improvement

Carrying out of a complex of actions for improving and optimization of organizational structure of the company is the major part of organizational development and improving of a control system of the company.

Experts of the Department of financial and administrative consulting INSEI LLC are guided by following basic principles:

  • taking into account the requirements and wishes of the client;
  • usage of the best resources;
  • cooperation with the client;
  • trustworthy information sources;
  • confidentiality observance.

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