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Management of the company finance, investments

You wish to optimize the management over the financial resources of your company:

  • How to supervise in real time mode the cash flows of the company?
  • How to balance the in-coming and out-going cash resources?
  • How to optimize expenses for investments?
  • How to decrease the cost of attraction of extra capital?
  • How to involve investments into business?
  • How to optimize monetary streams of the company?
  • How to take advantage of the possibilities given by the market?
  • How to avoid danger which arise in the market?
  • How to operate the company effectively?
  • How to estimate true position of the enterprise and to define degree of influence of financial risks?
  • How to estimate financial results the company objectively?
  • How to estimate company prospects in a considered segment of business?

Management of the company finance — here is a key to the solution of these and many other problems.

Experts of the Department of financial and administrative consulting INSEI LLC develop and assist in practical realization of the modern highly effective complex decisions directed to achievement of the strategic targets, previously set up.

Rich long-term practical experience and wide spectrum of our competence allow us to provide high quality services.

The Department of financial and administrative consulting INSEI LLC renders services, related to the management of the finance in the companies in following directions:

Management of monetary streams

Management of monetary streams is a set of specific methods, tools and receptions of the continuous control of a monetary stream and influence on it for achievement of the specified targets.

Management of monetary streams of the company is the important factor of acceleration of a turnover of the capital in the enterprise.


Budgeting is a continuous procedure of drawing up and execution of plans for the certain period.

In modern business budgeting is one of the basic tools of achievement of strategic targets of the company. Budgeting — one of the basic tools of resource management in the company.

The administrative reporting

The administrative accounting represents the ordered system of collecting, measurement, generalization, preparation and handling to the management of the company the information necessary for administrative decision making.

The administrative reporting is a set of the financial and non-financial information, on the basis of this information the management makes the administrative decisions.

The administrative reporting is a tool of the internal control and the analysis of activity of the company.

The financial analysis

The financial analysis represents process of calculation and a estimation of the parameters and the factors characterizing a financial condition of the company.

The financial analysis allows to build up the forecast of incomes and expenses of the company.

The financial analysis is a component of the analysis of business and a starting point of the development of variants of its further formation.

Experts of the Department of financial and administrative INSEI LLC are guided by following basic principles:

  • taking into account the requirements and wishes of the client;
  • usage of the best resources;
  • cooperation with the client;
  • trustworthy information sources;
  • confidentiality observance.

INSEI LLC — management of the finance, monetary streams, investments.

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