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Legal support

Legal support of activity, projects, transactions

Perhaps, any modern business, any modern company cannot do without legal services. At all variety of legal services their complex expression is legal support of the organizations which assumes rendering of all possible and necessary spectrum of legal services. A distinctive feature of such service, whether it is legal support of firm, legal support of the transaction or legal support of the project, is that circumstance that the Customer has business relations only with one Executor who provides rendering of all necessary services and bear for it responsibility. Besides, legal support of the companies acts as the certain guarantor of legal cleanliness of activity, and also degree of safety of interests of the Customer.

Traditionally distinguish following kinds of support:

  • legal support of transactions;
  • legal support of projects;
  • legal support of the organizations (legal support of activity);
  • legal support of business.

Legal support of transactions represents fulfilment of actual and legal actions, and also rendering of other services directed to preparation, the conclusion and execution of the transaction with participation of the Customer.

Legal support of the transaction can be carried out within the limits of the contract on legal support of activity of the organization.

Legal support of projects is similar under the maintenance to legal support of the transaction, with distinction that in the project it can consist of several diverse transactions and other legal and business relations.

Legal support of activity of the organization represents more difficult complex of services which assumes participation of the Executor in all activity of the company, related to the most various questions, therefore can assume both legal support of the transaction and legal project support.

Services on legal support of activity, depending on the maintenance, can be rendered both at the office of the Executor, or/and at the enterprise of the Customer if the character of these services does not demand the other form of participation of the Executor.

Legal support of business is similar to services on legal support of the organization. The difference is that the legal structure of business can represent several interconnected legal entities which are carrying out a certain kind or kinds of activity.

Advantages of legal support of firm, business

  1. Legal support of the organizations assumes maintenance of an actual information condition of all aspects of activity of the company.
  2. Legal support of the company allows to minimize the expenses connected with the maintenance of own legal service.
  3. The regular lawyer or even legal service can not capture all variety of the questions arising in activity of the firm. Legal support of the company allows to mobilize all professional resource of the Executor and to provide the solution on all necessary questions.
  4. The Executor, rendering legal support for the firm, can offer and other services accompanying business (audit, budgeting, marketing services etc.).
  5. Experience of the Executor in relations with bodies state and municipal authority, and also other establishments and the organizations allows to provide the most effective ways of the solution of this or that problem at legal support of activity.

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